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    Learning with a Smile is Learning for Life!

    Smileys 1 - 4

    Beginner Level

    Smileys is a series that provides a well-designed learning environment where young learners can develop their competencies in English...

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    Lessons come alive On Screen!

    On Screen B2 - B2+

    Upper-Intermediate Level

    On Screen is a series of two courses for young adults or adult learners of English at upper-intermediate level. The series combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules...

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    Discover our Amazing World with CLIL Readers!

    CLIL Readers

    Express Publishing Discover Our Amazing World Readers is a brand new series of non-fiction titles which introduces learners to exciting topics related to our world...

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    Your English lessons now aired in Prime Time!

    Prime Time 1 - 5

    Elementary to Upper-Intermediate Level

    Prime Time is a series of five courses for young adults or adult learners of English at Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level. The series combines active English learning...

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    Get the passport to
    a promising International career!

    Career Paths

    ESP English for Specific Purposes

    These books are designed for professionals and students to help them develop the language skills they need to succeed in a professional work situation...

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