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    Learning with a Smile is Learning for Life!

    Smileys 1 - 4

    Beginner Level

    Smileys is a series that provides a well-designed learning environment where young learners can develop their competencies in English...

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    Lessons come alive On Screen!

    On Screen B1+ - B2+

    Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate Level

    On Screen is a series of three courses for learners of English at intermediate to upper-intermediate level. The series combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules...

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    Explore our World with CLIL Readers!

    CLIL Readers

    Level A1 to B1

    “With Languages you are at home everywhere!” Edmund De Waal

    Explore Our World CLIL Readers is an innovative series of non-fiction readers in six levels (CEF A1 to B1) for ages 7 and over...

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    Core Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program

    (International Baccalaureate)

    Core Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program is a new educational resource for all students who need to understand the core themes of Computer Science......

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    Get the passport to
    a promising International career!

    Career Paths

    ESP English for Specific Purposes

    These books are designed for professionals and students to help them develop the language skills they need to succeed in a professional work situation...

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